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Custom Keto Diet Review; How to Start Keto Diet Correctly; List Foods You Can and Can’t Eat on the Keto Diet.

Custom Keto diet is one of the most popular and best guides that are available currently when it comes to shedding some pounds, if you want to lose weight, boost your brainpower boost your energy, and physically fit then you should be on Keto diet to achieve these goals.

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners; What is Keto Diet

Keto Diet is one of the best and most popular eating plans that is specially made or designed for people who want to lose weight naturally, without supplement or herbs.

Custom Keto Diet helps you to burn excess fat, and physically fit, each and every personalised Keto diet guide and instruct you on your diet, how to prepare your food, reduce fast food, and others important things you need to do before you can to lose weight successfully.

“For an alternative source of energy, your liver will start to convert fat into ketones, which will then be released into the bloodstream and be used by your cells for energy. Basically, your brain and muscles will be fueled by fat instead of carbohydrates,” says Michelle Hyman, MS, RD.

Before you start Keto diet you must be aware of many things especially about the diet before you start, if you don’t learn or know the right thing to do then Keto diet will not work for you at all or you will not get the full result.

It is very important to aware of the food you need to eat and those you should not, that you will not gain the weight back during or after Keto diet.

If you want to start Keto diet for beginners this article is written just to educate you because at the end of this article you will know the right food to eat and those foods you should avoid during and after Keto diet.

When you are on Keto diet, mostly especially starting custom diet plan you must do away with noodles or other high-carb foods so that you will be able to burn excess fat quickly and successful, make sure you eat little, this gives you more energy; always eat and maintain between 20 to 60 grams of carbs each day so that you can burn down your excess fat quickly and achieve your dream within a short period of time.

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It is also important to inform your family and friends before you start Keto diet so that they will not discourage you or be surprised if you chat your eating habits, or lose much weight within a short period of time, you can even ask questions from any friends or family who has used Keto diet before, but always verify any information given to you by anyone about Keto diet either from your doctor or Keto diet expert, so that they will not mislead you.

What You Can Eat On Keto Diet

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There are some foods that can help you to achieve your goals of losing weight quickly when you are on a Keto diet even without physical exercise.

These are the foods you should eat if you want a Keto diet to work effectively in your body system.

Meats: when you are on Keto diet always eat meat, you can eat a type of meat, it works with Keto diet, you can eat any kind of meat, including, chicken, beef, lamb, bacon, turkey, ham, pork, salmon tuna and more.

Most Fats And Oils: butter, coconut oil, eggs, avocado oil, olive oil, ghee, lard, and other fat. You should include more fat and oil in your diet if you want to see quick results of Keto diet

How Many Carbs On Keto Diet Allow

These below food are the general recommended food to eat when you on keto diet;

  1. Fatty seafood: Include this seafood in your diet if you want Keto diet to work for you effectively, catfish, Salmon, halibut, cod, scallops, tuna, snapper and more.
  2. Shellfish: lobster, oysters, crab, clams, mussels and more.
  3. High-fat dairy: Cream Cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, soft, hard cheese and more.
  4. Berries: Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and others.
  5. Nuts: peanuts, almonds, walnut, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, and others available nut, you can eat any nut on Keto diet.
  6. Vegetables: Always include these vegetables in your food. Tomatoes, asparagus, onion, mushroom, peppers, eggplants, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and others.

Some of your favourite beverages

· Unsweetened coffee and black tea are OK.

· Dry wine, champagne, and hard liquor should be enjoyed sparingly.

What You Can’t Eat On Keto Diet

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These are the list of food you should stop eating when you are on Keto diet either during or after Keto diet, if you don’t stop eating these foods you will not lose any weight because these foods will not allow Keto diet to work for you effectively. Always avoid these foods so that you can achieve your goal of losing weight within a short period of time.

· Fruits: Avoid all these, plums, mango, cherries, pears, melon, pineapple, oranges, banana, grapes, watermelon, apple and other fruits.

  • Grains: Avoid these grains when you are on Keto diet, rice, corn oats, sprouted grains, quinoa, barley, millet, amaranth, bulgur and more.
  • Starches: Bread bagels, oatmeal, crackers, corn, oatmeal, pizza, granola, muesli, popcorn, pasta, rice, and more.
  • Legumes: Navy beans, soybeans, black beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils kidney beans, pinto beans, and more.
  • Real sweeteners and sugar: Sugar cane, honey, maple syrup, Splenda, aspartame, corn syrup and more.
  • Sweet Treats Ice cream, chocolate, cakes, cookies buns, pudding, custard, tarts, pies, candy, and more.
  • Alcohol: Beer, alcoholic drinks, cider, sweet wines, and more.
  • Low-fat dairy: Avoid skim milk, fat-free yoghurt, low-fat cheese, cream cheese, skim mozzarella, and others.

What Can You Eat On the Custom Keto Diet?

You can eat all the foods, meat and seafood included in this article if you want to Keto diet to work for you.Can you eat bread on keto?

You can’t eat bread when you are on Keto diet Can I eat as much as I want on a keto diet

You can’t eat much as you usually do when you are not a Keto diet, you need to eat so that the Keto diet can work effectively in your body system.

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